Are You Running Around These Internet Streets With Client Attraction Strategies That Don’t Work?!


Those 5-figure social media clients? They seem to pass you by, and you’re left feeling frustrated and confused.

It’s time to get access to the systems, marketing strategies, and mentoring you need to win 5-figure clients back to back! You NEED clear direction on what has to be done to get more victories in your business.

You’ve spent time Googling “How to Start a Social Media Agency” only to find that generating money and finding new clients is a struggle. Are you ready to hop off the struggle bus and onto the successful social media marketer team?

After watching your daily dose of YouTube videos while piecing together your strategy to get more clients you’ve come across The Social Media Agency Blueprint.

This course is going to take you from stuck and barely generating money to a booked-out, prosperous, social media marketer.

I’m laying all the details out for you, I didn’t skip one aspect of creating a wildly successful social media marketing business. Mostly because I saw a need for real mentorship that gives you a step-by-step framework for success. Ready to ignite your passion and secure top-notch clients? Let’s go!


Now, this isn’t one of those fluffy courses someone puts together with barely any info. See, I’ve spent endless hours creating videos, workbooks, and training sessions with other BOSS CEO’s so you can secure the bag & your future in social media marketing. The days of wandering around looking for the best way to find more clients is over.

Is this you?

>> You’re a freelancer, social media manager or newbie trying to build their own business

>> Questioning your future as a business owner happens to you frequently because you’re not bringing in enough revenue

>> Mentorship and guidance are needed in your business

>> You can't figure out how to make things work for your current clients

>> Searching the internet trying to figure out how to find clients takes up too much of your time

>> A love for learning and dedication to success brought you to this place 

>> The current strategies you’re using aren’t working and you need a change

>> You know you can’t spend another 3, 6, or 12 months fumbling around trying to create a sustainable business

Hey Y’all, I’m Ericka!

A few years ago I was where you are right now. Trying to make the social media business owner thing work for me.

I knew I desired a life I could live on my own terms, getting paid what I want, and helping top-notch clients get results.

I even took a course only to find that the strategies taught weren’t working for me.

Anyway, I figured out the social media side of things (and business) from there and obtained 5-figure clients back to back, I was finally winning!

Instagram, by far, was my favorite platform and I became the CEO of the Social Ink Co. which serves premium clients with Instagram strategy.

But, you know what?

I realized there are a lot of people out there who are stuck and confused trying to make social media marketing work.

Why should I keep these money-generating, client-attracting strategies to myself? So...



YESSS! I get to teach you how to go from no business to an influx of happy clients, with repeatable systems, workbooks, cheat sheets, and swipe files as you’ve never seen before! I'm talking a course + mentorship!


01. 8 - Week Accelerator + Direct Mentorship

The Course is Broken up into two sections, Business Setup, and Client Systems. Oh yes, we're about to cover it all! We're making real connections in our members-only Slack group so we can hit these goals together!! Plus get real mentorship and coaching from me. No more Googling. I'm here to walk you through everything from client management to content creation.

02. Client-Attraction Strategies

The most important part of any business is honing in on your client attraction strategy, whether you want to reach out to cold leads who don’t know you yet, or close the sale with warm leads, The Social Media Agency Blueprint has you covered. Magnetic Marketing is going to make you look like the only social media manager for your ideal client.

03. Plug-and-Play Worksheets

School is in session, now I want you to have every tool you need right at your fingertips and these plug-and-play worksheets will allow you to conquer your sales calls, find clarity before sending out proposals, and accelerate client onboarding all in one sweep.

04. Systems + Tips for More Moneeyy

One reason you’re not seeing 5-figures in your business is that you don’t have the systems in place to take care of clients. We’re putting a stop to this NOW, let me show you exactly what to do when you get a new client, while you’re working with that client and how to keep them satisfied.


Oh, you thought we were stopping there?! Nah...

  • Trello Board to Systemize and Automate Your Way to Prosperity

    $300 value

    The optimized Trello board will transform your entire business without having to outsource, or face uncertainty when it comes to managing your biz from the backend.

  • Group Mentorship during Weekly Happy Hours!

    $600 value

    Each week, we're going to (virtually) meet for HAPPY HOUR (the wine/margarita is optional)! Get ready for some fun Q&A, simulations and hot seats!


Sitting at Your Desk When Your 2nd New Client for The Week Sends Your $$,$$$ Invoice Within Minutes of Viewing The Proposal.

You smile and laugh at the fact that The Social Media Agency Blueprint methods really work for you. The success you thought you’d never see, well it’s here! 

While you’re grinning and sitting at your desk mesmerized at life, your other client shoots you a text message saying they LOVE the content calendar you created for them last week. They’re even going to refer you to their business friend who’s ready to dish out top-dollar for the strategies you provide.

You’re not a freelancer anymore, you’re a successful, dedicated, CEO with the tools you need to never be broke again. 

Freedom and life on your own terms? Check!

Clients you love who pay you your worth? Check!

Testimonials and referrals coming in like clockwork? Check!

Seamless Onboarding and a Stress-Free Biz? Check!

Is This Course Actually Going to Work For Me?

The Social Media Agency Blueprint gives you everything you need to start automating your business and bringing in 5-figures repeatedly. From hidden cheat sheets and swipe files, to video tutorials, pop-ins from other entrepreneurs, pricing calculator, branding tips, Instagram strategy and an individualized experience.

Your DMs can be filled with messages like this too!

*I was where you are a few years ago so I know exactly what you need to sustain your business. Get your money back after you show you’ve completed all workbooks, course content and put it into action. 


So, now the question is, why wouldn’t this work for me? Will you wait around another 6 months to a year in the dark struggling to obtain business success? The ball is in your court.

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Raised her prices and is booked out!

Diamond's Testimonial

The Social Media Agency Blueprint is The Most Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Course On The Market.

You’re getting:

>> Email DM Swipe Files

Stop wasting time, ok? Let me show you word for word how it goes down in the DMs when I book new 5-figure clients. (Valued at $500)

>> Follow Up Scripts

The money is in the follow-up! Learn to use my followup scripts to lock-in thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise left on the table. (Valued at $350)


>> Package Pricing Templates

Bundle your package up the right way. Generating more revenue for your business means you better have a darn good proposal and package set up from start to finish. (Valued at $750)

>> Lead Capture Forms

Marketing 101 says you need a place to capture and obtain new leads (potential clients) who show an interest in your services. Mesmerize your people throughout the entire process. (Valued at $750)

>> Lead Tracker for Organization

So, you have the leads, but don't risk losing out on money because you lost track of them. This lead tracker takes you from confused to systemized in a few easy steps. (Valued at $450)

The Social Media Agency Blueprint isn't complete without successful CEO's popping in to give you entrepreneurship hacks and tricks of the trade. Your business needs to thrive from top to bottom. (I told you we're covering ERRYTHANG!)

LIVE Zoom Meetings + teaching lessons with guests

(Valued at $850)

Guest Coach:
Ashleigh Hardin-Jones

Social Media Manager of xoNecole

Learn how to create scroll-stopping, engaging content for your clients!

Guest Coach:
Erica Heyward

Virtual CFO + Finance Coach

Learn how to get your business legal + get all of your pressing questions answered LIVE!

Guest Coach:
Bee Fells

Personal Branding Expert

So you want to brand your business? Learn from the best!! And we aren't just talking about logos!

Your Hobby Without The Accelerator:

  • The next 6 to 12 months will be spent searching for free resources and wasting time trying to figure out the business side of things out on your ownu

  • Your hobby will remain just that, a hobby without systems in place and a real strategy

  • Although you enjoy social media marketing you’ll find yourself burned out by the lack of revenue you're bringing in despite being on the computer all day trying to make random strategies work.

  • Without a mentor to show you the winning way to sign more deals and close 5-figure clients you’ll have to work for someone else, feeling like you won’t ever accomplish the goals you were created to do.

Your Business With The Accelerator:

  • After the 8 week accelerator you’ll spend the next 6 to 12 months serving enthused clients with raving reviews

  • Your business revenue will steadily increase and you’ll smash all your income goals effortlessly because you took all the gems I gave you to become prosperous in your business

  • You’ll be a social media marketing master, becoming well known for your services and all of your family and friends will be shocked you were able to start and propel your business forward during a pandemic

**Worst Case Scenario**

The Social Media Agency Blueprint was so comprehensive that you have to run back through the lessons, access the Facebook Group and follow the swipe files + scripts to land more clients and revenue. Access to me and requesting a call will have to take place to see where you slipped. 

Look Inside The Social Media Agency Blueprint:

Yay! Sneak peek!!

Week 1: Welcome to the Course

Lesson 1
  • Getting your mind right
  • Business beginners checklist
  • Taking action
  • Lesson 2
  • Getting Your Business Legal
  • Week 2: Zone in On Your Expertise

    Lesson 1
  • Cooking up your sauce
  • Niching down
  • Positioning yourself as the expert
  • Lesson 2
  • Identifying Your ideal client
  • Qualifying leads
  • How to find clients
  • Week 3: Get Your Pricing, Packaging and Contracts in Place

    Lesson 1
  • Creating Your packages and pricing
  • How to price your services
  • Package review by me
  • Lesson 2
  • Creating contracts
  • What to include in your contracts
  • Lesson 3
  • Getting paid!
  • Week 4: Get a Strong Brand Identity to Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

    Lesson 1
  • Setting brand goals
  • Finding your voice
  • Looking the part
  • Week 5: Successfully Land the Client

    Lesson 1
  • The LDP client funnel
  • Lesson 2
  • Discovery Calls 101
  • Getting clients from lead to discovery call
  • Discovery call structure
  • Lesson 3
  • Creating client proposals
  • Week 6: Onboarding the Client with Repeatable Systems

    Lesson 1
  • Creating your Client Onboarding Systems
  • Client Welcome Packet
  • The Client Kickoff Call
  • Automating your onboarding system
  • Week 7: Client Strategies + Content Creation

    Lesson 1
  • Creating Client Strategies
  • The client strategy + template
  • Performing a client audit
  • Lesson 2
  • Client content creation
  • Sending content to clients for review
  • Week 8: Keep the Client Coming Back - Retention

    Lesson 1
  • Creating client reports
  • Measuring the ROI of social media
  • What to put in your client reports
  • Lesson 2
  • Conducting client meetings
  • Lesson 3
  • Client retention
  • How to keep your clients happy + manage expectations
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Lesson 4
  • Client Offboarding
  • How to let clients go - your choice vs their choice
  • Dealing with difficult clients
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    Already 50% BOOKED!

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    Bonuses + A Premium Experience!

    Hold Up!! Did I Mention The One of a Kind Slack Group?

    All students in one place so we can chat, build a network, learn from each other, and master our businesses. We’re scaling to 5-figure months together! You need a network of bosses and that’s what we’re providing. No one should go at this entrepreneur thing alone, let’s stay connected and share our wins so we can all secure the bag!

    Alright Now, I’m Ready To Establish My Business and Close 5-figure Contracts

    All of This is Worth Well Over $3500 BUT, Drum Roll Please..

    Pricing options

    Pay in full or 3 easy payments!


    Two 1:1 Zoom calls to go over every detail of your agency!

    Let's hop on two Zoom video calls to go over the business framework and your client management system. We can also go over your current clients to see ways you can improve and increase your retention!
    Watch Intro Video

    Booked 3 new clients within 1 month!

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    • When does this class take place?

      The Accelerator program starts on January 24, 2021 and lasts for 8 weeks. Enrollment ends on January 17, 2021.

    • Do I already have to have an agency in place for this accelerator?

      This program will work for people who have an agency in place and aren't getting the type of results they hoped for. It's also for people who haven't done the first step in starting their agency. I'm going to get you together!

    • Will I need anything for this program?

      You will need the following: Zoom, Canva (free account is fine), Google Drive. I also recommend getting Dubsado or Honeybook.

    • What if I get busy?

      That's not a problem at all! You will have access to all course material, including lives (once they are recorded).

    • Will I be able to work with you directly?

      We will have weekly group mentorship via our hour-long Happy Hours! If you take advantage of the pay in full bonus, you will get 2 exclusive 1:1 Zoom calls with me!

    • Will I receive materials for the class?

      Absolutely! You will receive templates, swipe files, worksheets, and workbooks.

    • Will we cover Facebook and Twitter?

      This course will teach you how to create a 5+ figure business managing only Instagram! But we can touch on other platforms during our weekly Happy Hour.